Heaps of correspondence games cannot be accepted because "max rank 27k" or "max rank 127k"

Whats the deal with 75% of the correspondence games not being available to accept because of impossible rank restrictions? I’ve never seen anyone below 25k, so why is it even possible to set the rank restriction below that? It’s odd that its always either 27k or 127k(lol).


Sounds like a bug, eh @anoek ?

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The minimum rank is indeed hard capped at 25k regardless of how low your rating drops. Those games have been around for a while too… I believe the first appeared only a couple days after the new glicko system went live

hmm interesting, in any case it would be nice to have them removed so that the game list looks tidier



If every challenge that not accepted in a week will be automatically deleted it will solve the problem.


But that appears not to be the case, since they have been there for some time?

No that’s not currently the case, he was just saying it would be nice.

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