Hello o/ question regarding my chat ban

i think it has been around 3 months maybe? i was misbehaving in chat and the moderator chat banned me but i think didnt said if it was perm or like i dont know should last for how long so i just wanted to get to know the conditions of my chat ban and see if there is any way it can be lifted or not- revar ajumma am sowwy plz unbann me T_T

Definitely a good way of showing you’ve “matured” enough to get pardoned, if you ask me.

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i beg your pardon mister, but i believe that maturity and change is 2 different things, does that mean if the person who is apologizing is a kid or lets just say behhave like one, will he have no chance at all?

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Let’s make sure the whole story is presented. This is not the first time, nor is it the second. It’s not a one off “I had a bad day and reacted poorly” situation. It’s a consistent pattern of behavior.

Don’t misrepresent it as if the moderation staff is being unreasonable.


i never said she was unreasonable, honestly speaking i admit that i was behaving childishly and said some bad words in chat even IF i censored them- but knowing that i still believe that i have changed enough to not do the same mistakes again and i would sincerely like to apologize to revar ajumma and i hope that in near future my ban gets lifted

I’ll just leave this here, again.

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I’m just saying you make it extra difficult for yourself to appear sincere.

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i honestly dont get how i will show you that iam sincere beacuse on the internet everyone can lie with sweet talk but i just want to stay as i am without pretending to be someone i am not- saying the words like sowwy or emojis if they are prohibited then i will stop using them but its just how i normally talk with my friends too

i maen well i DID once got chat restricted because of spamming- this was my 2nd chat ban and now i am serious about behaving and following rules

We get the point. I am going to close this topic now. It only goes downhill from here.