Help: Chat not working

I can submit chat-lines. But as soon as I refresh the page, they’re gone. And I assume nobody can read them. Happens in the in-game chat as well as in the main chat (so I can’t ask for help there). Problem at my end or does anybody know what’s going on?

No one else seems to be having trouble with chat… can you open the javascript console for your browser and see if there are any errors/warnings?

I’ll be honest with you… 99/100 this is because you have malware/spyware installed on your system and it is attempting to inject javascript into our page and that is throwing an error.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I have the same problem from my phone as well, so it seems to me that it should rather be something with my account.

When I submit a line, I trigger the following remark on the javascript console:

Leerer String an getElementById() übergeben. common-en.1.18-256-g70bca18.min.js:1

which basically means empty string given to getElementByld()

Is this a hint about malware?

The only other warnings, which appear after refreshing the page, are
"getPreventDefault() sollte nicht mehr verwendet werden. Verwenden Sie stattdessen defaultPrevented." (gePrerventDefault() should not be used anymore. Use defaultPrevented.)

“Das specified-Attribut von Attributen sollte nicht mehr verwendet werden. Es liefert immer true.” (The specified-attribute of attributes should not be used anymore. It always yields true.)

But I don’t think they have anything to do with it, do they?

It seems to work fine now. Thanks a lot.

@ba_yu: did you change something?

I’ve also experienced that chat entries (English channel, NON-beta) of mine were gone. Happens this way:

  • I enter some chat text
  • it appears in the chat timeline
  • I enter some more, again it appears
  • I leave the page or close tab
  • and when I come back a while later my lines are gone while the lines before my entries still are there (just to make clear that I understand that my entries can be pushed up into nirvana by others chatting after me; easy to see in channels w/ low traffic).

Mh. OS X 10.8.5, latest Chrome.

Greetz, Tom

Trohde: your description is exactly what happened in my case, too. All chat windows (any channel, in-game, malkowitch, pm) were affected. I didnt try the beta.

I did nothing in order to repair it except for waiting, I’m afraid.

I can only suggest you to refresh the page after submitting a line. That way you see directly whether it stays or not

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