Help me understand why the AI says I was wrong to resign?

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Maybe it’s easier to get if you remove all the clutter and compare the two


Thank you. If white plays J3 then it’s a seki in the game on the right, yes?

White needs F4 too in order to make seki, so you should be able to get a move around C6 first. Since seki is no points for either, white only has territory on top and your left side should be bigger than that ^^


If you’re very careful, the white group should not die.

I tried to play a plausible endgame against myself and I ended up with White winning by 0.5 point. So, a very close game, that could have ended either way.

A possible endgame and score

Black: 12 territory.
White: 3 territory + 4 prisoners + 5.5 komi = 12.5.