Help review :( (19x19 14k, corner invasions)

help rewiev
my oponnent play strange and i lose all corners
im confused :frowning: .

Here’ my review but only with a few comments up until move 50 or so, since that’s where I found the biggest mistakes in your direction of play.

  1. If your opponent plays something you are not familiar with and don’t know how to response, try to keep it simple and solidify yourself. Even if you loose a few points locally, this will probably help in the long run.

  2. Identify big moves and go for them first, in this game your opponent kept going for small points here and there… no problem at all! Make sure your groups are solid and go for those large moves on the board!

  3. Fights are usually messy, like the one that broke out pretty soon at the bottom. As a general rule try to avoid such fights, unless you have something to gain. In this case you really didn’t gain or had any potential to gain much.

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post some variations in the game chat for your reference. nothing strange your opponent played. it’s more about concept. for example two line crawl is a disadvantage, if you are clear about this, you know how to handle the lower left corner. same thing about attack the unreasonable invasion at the bottom.

if you study some basic principles, you won’t confuse next time with experiences accumulated in games.