Help! Why have two correspondence games started?!

Help! I’m a new user and the site says it’s my turn in two correspondence games! I don’t want to play correspondence games, and I don’t know why they started last night after I went to sleep.

Do I have to play these games? How did they start without my knowledge or permission? How can I make sure I only play games I want to play?

Here are the ways I know of that a Correspondence game can start:

  1. You press the “Correspondence” button under “Quick Match” on the “Play” page

  2. You press the “Create Game” button and set the type to “Correspondence”

  3. You accept a correspondence game from the Long Games list on the Play page

  4. Someone directly challenges you, and you accept

  5. You join a Correspondence Game Ladder

  6. You join a Correspondence Game Tournament

None of the games you are currently in are from a ladder or tournament (because that shows up in the game information, and there is nothing there for those games) so it seems you must have done one of the first 4, or there is another way that I don’t know.

The last 2 are the only way that a game can spring into existence without you “doing anything”.


Thank you. I think I did press the Correspondence button under Quick Play.

I was trying to disable that option, and only play a normal or blitz game. I thought it was a set of toggle buttons, because the board size options seem to be toggle buttons.

When I pressed it, nothing seemed to happen, so I didn’t know I’d made an offer to play. Is there a way I can see offers to play that I’ve made that are still open?

They show up in automatch listing just a bit further below, with a red button next to them that you can use to cancel them.

But - if someone accepts them immediately, it’s a bit less obvious actually. They spring into existence and you get a little notification in the top right, but I can see how a person would miss that and hit the button again.

In fact, I did exactly this right now (testing it out) and had that experience!

So you probably had those games started even before you went to sleep, without realising it, and only realised when you got a reminder or visited a page that made it obvious.

I think you can be confident that unless you do that again, it won’t happen again.

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Also, you can annul an unwanted game at the very beginning (just as you’ve done) without consequencies.