Help with a review

Hello all,

I was wondering whether anyone might be able to take a look at my game here:

I want to review it but I have never done a real review before so have no idea how - plus my level is so low that I cannot see what would have been better in most cases…

Any help would be much appreciated!


Firstly, is this for your own learning or for someone else?

If it’s for yourself i find writing comments secondary to freely exploring variations.

However if it’s for someone else you’ll have to elaborate more often and clean up branches you left unfinished or found useless.

Thanks for your reply.

It was for me really - it was more of a review request for anyone willing to review this game with/for me. Should I have posted the game rather than the ‘review’ link?

I can go back and look at combinations but being so rubbish at the game I would have no reference as to what is worthwhile, what was a mistake, how the opponent may react, etc. That was why I thought I could as for a review from someone more knowledgeable.

That’s okay, it was more the title that led me to that conclusion.

Here’s my review of the game

Nice review. I agree with all but a couple of things, which you can find as comments.

Happy… study Mark5000’s comments on your review… your thinking at the top is a bit off strategically and ideas about the corner invasion in lower left as well… but nice effort overall; we all learn from doing and reviewing both! :smile:

Thanks for your effort. I know I am really not good but want to get better.

Yeah, I read them.
A lot of my corrections seemed to be on properly evaluating the situation…
I definitely need more practice if my review can be dissected like that :sweat_smile:

Well, when i do a review and a 4/5d evaluates it, he’ll tell me the same! :smile:

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