Help with a Tsumego puzzle

Hey all, I’ve been trying to learn Go and part of that is doing some tsumego puzzles (Tsumego Pro in my case). I came across one for which I don’t understand the solution. That is, I understand the solution, but I don’t think the solution is even needed. I’ve recreated the puzzle here:

It has the same answers as the one in the app. For my explanation, I’m assuming black to play. My reasoning is that because the white group has three black stones in it’s eye, it’s basically already dead. If he tries to capture them, then black just plays in the center. I actually connected in the corner to prevent any second eye shenanigans, which was flagged as a mistake :slight_smile:

Is there anything I’m missing?

Here’s the screenshot of the puzzle on the app (in case I maybe misrepresented it?)


Also, Go is awesome! It does make me feel like a complete dummy, but I don’t mind. Just means there’s more to learn!

In the second screenshot it says in the caption that Black is to play. I don’t see any solution in which White can live.
It could be that the caption is wrong and that White is to play. If White plays P19 it is a seki.
Did you report invalid problem?

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If black plays anywhere on the inside of white, white starts to look alive-ish. This tsumego is probably valid.

My understanding is that white isn’t dead yet: by playing P19 or P16 white can get seki, which means life.

If black wants to capture, he actually needs to play P16 first. White O17 is then necessary (otherwise, black O17 would capture white stones on the left).
Then black P19 kills, avoiding white to make seki.

Seems legit.

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I did, I don’t know if I’ll get any feedback, but also wanted to double check, because I find it more likely that I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I think this might be it. I usually fail exercises involving seki’s like this, because I’m looking for live/death, but I admit this one is particularly hard to spot for me! Thanks :slight_smile:

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If black don’t force white like in the solution at first white take the same intersection to maximize his space inside. Then black cannot make a dead shape inside.
The problem is absolutely valid.

Now it’s true that sometimes I met some problems not valid (2 or 3?) But it’s rare and never an easy one like this one.
Keep the good work! And don’t forget to play…

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That was my suspicion too. I would rather assume I’m wrong on these things, since it’s quite new for me.
I do hope to one day also find this problem easy. Right now, I found it quite difficult :slight_smile:

I’m playing some 9x9 games with friends as well for the moment. It’s been fun so far :slight_smile:

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I mean for difficulty, you have easy/intermediate/difficult you know, and I found mistakes 2 or 3 times only in the two last categories.
Yeah the last one is the one relevant for me but I still enjoy to solve quickly the easier ones.
Now as DDK before, you do much more as I did, I stayed away from all these kind of exercise and found a new interest when around 6k, so bravo!