Help with chat

For some reason, my chat doesn’t go through in the chat room and the chat during games. I’d sometimes like to ask my opponent for feedback or stuff… anyone know why my chat doesn’t work?
I know my chat doesn’t work since my opponent never responds and when i refresh the page my chat disappears as if i never said anything
Btw, for malware, i believe i have none but i do have adblock :v

You can PM me on the site, @Rakai , so we can address your issue.

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BTW, did you know that all income generated by the ads on OGS is spent on chocolates for the moderators so they have some incentive for addressing any issues that users may have? @mlopezviedma is the only saintly one who does it for free one who doesn’t like chocolates.

OK that was all kidding, forgive me, we all do it for the love of y’all, and for the love of Go, and the income goes into server power, full-time development, and magic. And I should probably quit making silly remarks while wearing the uniform :wink:

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