Helpful Information For Newcomers To Go (06-25-2019, retired)

Just Got Started Playing Go?
I have written a large article for newcomers that talks about getting better at Go and lists a lot of resources.

Losing Is Progress, So Don’t Lose Heart
If you ever find yourself feeling poorly about your skill at Go, especially because of your rank, please read this post. Because your rank shouldn’t matter :wink:.

Reviews and Teaching Games
If you are looking for some ideas on how to think about your moves and things to consider when playing Go, I have some reviews and teaching games you might find helpful. They give plenty of examples and advice. The teaching games in particular showcase the thinking of each player as the game progresses.

Left Some Comments

Full Reviews

Teaching Games

Note that there is some overlap of teaching concepts at the beginning of most teaching games. There is also some copied and pasted text between them, as it saved me time :blush:.
I Want To Start On The 19x19, Is Playing On The 9x9 First Necessary?
If you aren’t sure why people often recommend that newcomers begin on the 9x9 board, I’ve shard some thoughts here.

How Do You Personally Study Go?
I am not sure if how I study Go would work as well for the 19x19, but it sure works for me on the 9x9. I get asked this question sometimes and so I’ve written a bit about how I personally study Go. Lots of tips by multiple players :wink:.


Note: I have written some helpful posts in various threads on this forum. I think many newcomers might find these useful so I’ve collected them here for my convenience and a single resource to refer newcomers to.
This information has been posted before. Posts eventually can no longer be edited. This information is being reposted so that I can update it with new reviews.