Heres a review request :) (2kyu)

i felt good about this game for quite some time actually. i mustve messed up reducing badly :slight_smile:. either that, or i was behind way before i realized. in the end it was quite clear i was behind by more than a bit.

id be thankful if someone could take the time to comment or review :slight_smile:.

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I’m merely a peasant 5k, sir, but:

On Move 11, perhaps an approach to the lower right was better?
Your play in the lower right feels kind of awkward, like maybe you should have extended on Move 25 and later dove in
On Move 35, how about E4, D5, E5?

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Time to reread Lessons in the Fundamentals!

—Toshiro Kageyama (at page 41)


i think your downfall began with how you dealt with k3 group
you never settled it, you were chased out the whole way just to run home, while white settled his f4 group and attacked you for profit the whole way
AI shows you specific moves
but i think the clear idea is to be attacker instead, games are lost when we are chased like this
after move 22, i think i would play somewhere around d10 to attack c15 group, although AI suggest d6
but it just feels natural to attack c15 group

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i agree, i handled that poorly. the extension looks much better in hindsight. i cant remember my reasons exactly for not playing the atari with move 29… i probably thought i had an attack against F4.

i dont like this variation. giving up the corner is too big. white would be happy. white also has the ladder to Q15.

i guess you are right. for the longest time i thought my invasion on the right was going to be enough though :sweat_smile:. well… gonna work on my judgement then.

it does actually, now youve said it :thinking:.


When I reviewed the game, I also felt that black had a good position, and had to take a closer look to convince myself it was not the case.

It seems to me that white had a thin position but you helped her reinforce it instead of exploiting the weaknesses. I am thinking about K6, R13, and K14 (you could have sacrificed a second stone).

You also missed two large endgame moves at Q3 and S13 (LZ told me about the latter and I posted a variation).

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indeed :slight_smile:. during the game it felt like a timing issue too. i was never quite confident enough to play the aggressive moves (like k6), so i waited for better times. those ofc never came…because…well see quote above :sweat_smile:.

yeah, i kinda saw q3, but apparently grossly underestimated it at the time. i wont flatter myself by saying id be able to spot S13 under normal circumstances ^^.

thx for your valuable input!