Hi there...I'm here to help

I see a lot of newer or lower level players coming into OGS, and I think that is wonderful.

I am putting this up here so that newer players can see this and post below.

I am a 9kyu player, so while I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I know enough to be able to guide you lower level players.

Please, comment, or message me… I am happy to go over and make a review of some games for you, and point you in the right direction for some places to learn some stuff… and I’m more than happy to play a teaching game… both live and correspondence… though with the live games, you’re gonna have to be lucky to find me online at the same time, unless we arrange a time and day, but I prefer a more free-flowing way of doing things.

I am absolutely at your disposal to teach you the basics, and a bit more. And I’m free… so there is that also.


Bumping the thread so people can see I’m here to help.

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Could you help me on this game ? When black invaded the upper right corner (move 51), I’ve lost it. Something I might have done to change the outcome ?


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The key issue with that I see is that you left the monkey jump open in the first place. Even when it doesn’t kill you a move like N12 is pretty big, often being 8 or 9 points in sente (in this case 6 if it didn’t also kill) and in this case I think you need a bit more fancy footwork to keep the group alive using M12 instead of J13

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i left some comments in chat :slight_smile:

I did a review of the game for you. but as you can see some of these wonderful people in the above replies also did some work for you too. Check out what they said, and check out the reveiw I did.

If you want me to take a look at any other games just let me know and i shall get right that on for you. Hope this helps you my dude.

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Thanks ! I will have a close look to these reviews, and will certainly looks for more comments in new games.

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No worries my dude. If you want me to take a look at other games, send me a message, or post a reply here, or send smoke signals or something. I’m pretty receptive XD. And as the title of the post says, I’m here to help!