Hide stream notifications without dismissing them

After I dismiss a stream notification, I don’t see any way for me to bring it back.
Is there some way for me to either bring it back, or hide it without dismissing it?

(I generally do like seeing those, but they are also in front of things in the game-interface,
such as captures and how much time is on my game-clock.)

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You can see all of the announcements here: https://online-go.com/settings/announcement


Thankyou. ​ When the notification would otherwise still
be showing, what does that page display for Duration?

I’m at that page, and also watching the stream for one of those announcements.
The stream is still ongoing and still an OGS game, but I don’t see
anything distinguishing that announcement from announcements
which would’ve ended even without me dismissing them.
Am I missing something?