Highest rated OGS players (goofy post)

Ever wondered what’s the highest rating there could possibly be? How far you need to go to get to the top? OGS doesn’t have rating-based leaderboards (right? I’m not missing any obvious feature like an idiot?), maybe to discourage cheating, after all go is all about bettering yourself. However! Since I crawled basically all OGS players, now we can have the answer. Of course, ratings constantly change, but top three accounts are quite different from all others :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s our list:
:3rd_place_medal: #521277 with rating of 3166 (~12d)
:2nd_place_medal: #448183 with rating of 3303 (~13d)
:1st_place_medal: #496624 with rating of 3586 (~15d)


Ive always been wondering. Thank you for this :slight_smile:

EDIT: All of these profiles do indeed look rather goofy…


Amazing how few games they all have!


I participate in a couple title tournaments, and the highest ranked player I’ve seen is peecatchoo (9d+).

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#2 and #3 were banned for cheating, while #1 looks like a bug. I wonder what the legit 1-2-3 would be. Would probably include vlin and peecatchoo.


Sadaharu would be up there time to time especially crazy with the amount of games he plays constantly on various boards. :slight_smile:


1577 rating points for just one game, won against weaker opponent! :smiley:
Oh dear! I must take back all I was saying about glicko-2 reliability! :wink:

Myea, last time I checked it was 408 concurrent matches. Even if we assume that only 50% of all games require him to play a move on any given day and that only 20% of those games require any serious consideration (his winrate is about 80%), that’s still more than 40 games. If serious consideration comes down to 2 minutes and non-serious consideration works out to 10 seconds, that’s still 2 hours a day spent on 200 different games.