Hoping for a training game

Hey guys, I’ve been a go player for about a year. Loved it since i’ve started but life can be a little distracting and I’ve taken more then a few long breaks. since getting re-involved with the game a few weeks ago i’ve been playing consistently and improving as a result.

I’ve seen a few strong players who are generous enough to play games with weaker players just in order to teach them a little more about about the game of go’s universe. So if somebody would be willing to take me on as a grateful student in a teaching game I would be truly appreciative. Thanks for reading! trumpet.

I wouldn’t presume to teach, but I’ll happily give you a game and review it afterwards

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That sounds awesome! i appreciate it, I’ll shoot you a request

browser closed and game cancelled, send a request if you still want

Sent - have made it correspondence timings and enabled handicaps, but if you message me with a time that works for you I’ll make my best effort to be available - I’m on UTC+1