How about having the latest chat entries on top instead of way down?

I would prefer a reversed chronological order of chat entries in game chats. Latest on top, first at bottom.


Every other chat on the site, and most chats elsewhere on the internet, are top down.

What’s your reasoning for wanting game chat to be bottom up?

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Are you perhaps using OGS on a mobile thingie?





On my smartphone I could thus avoid having to scroll that much.

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Exactly. : )

An option for mobile phone users would be nice.
Maybe a simple button “reverse”.

Is there a trick to fast scroll back to the first message actually on mobile? Mainly for when someone relays a games or there’s live popular games and you’ve missed it and want to look back. Eg recent lee Seedol game relay.

Okay, it seems like the underlying wish is just to be able to access the latest chats quickly without having to scroll, which seems like a very reasonable issue to address, and could possibly be addressed without necessarily reversing the order.

On my phone, when I open a game with long chat, it is already scrolled to the bottom showing the latest message. So, I think the website is already aiming to make it convenient to access the latest chat.

However, if this is not working in your phone/mobile browser, perhaps there is a platform-specific bug causing the website to not behave in the intended manner. What is your phone/browser?


The other reason is that we could populate the chat window reverse chronologically, which would mean you don’t have to wait for all the comments to load in a game with lots of them, which is mildly painful at present


On my phone it is like on yours, but at the bottom of the screen I cannot see the latest chat entry — I still have to scroll a bit, and thus I often miss new entries from my opponent unless I scroll that bit more downward and have a look from time to time.
Maybe, the layout on mobiles could be kind of compressed a bit in the vertical dimension?

I guess I can see the most recent chat just fine, in my own games where there’s not too much chat. But I also see what you’re saying that when there’s a large enough amount of chat it doesn’t load right to the newest one, you have to scroll down a bit (safari for me) and for this review

Funny enough it only happened the first time I loaded the page.

I just thought it might be appropriate given the original phrasing to ask if there was a quick way to see the start of the chat on mobile. Sometimes there’s some strong players commenting like I believe Yoonyoung Kim was commenting on the first relay at least. Sometimes it might be interesting to read their comments say, but at the moment I pretty much will have to do it on a computer (if I remember).

For example see how long it takes to scroll back to the first message in those games on mobile :slight_smile:

Edit: if I pretend like I’m a dog scratching at a door/floor to get something, and go full two thumb scroll, I can maybe get to the top of the chat in 20-30 seconds. But then if you try to follow along the moves and read the chat on mobile, eventually the page refreshes and brings you back to the bottom of the chat.

Although somewhat outdated, the word doohickey can also apply here. :slight_smile:

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I may have misspoken actually. Doohickey usually refers to physical gadgetry such as a mobile phone, but not necessarily to things like software. For maximum coverage I’m tempted to suggest doohickey thingy, but that’s not quite reasonable.


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