How can i quit a group

If possible, on my own?

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There is a button on the group page right below where the group admin is listed.


What if I am one of the admins?
I am in a group where I was made an admin, but I can’t leave the group, nor can I “de-admin” myself.

Edit: Sorry, I was wrong. It’s possible to “un-admin” myself by clicking my own name in the group and then the “un-admin”-button that appears, and now I could leave the group.


Thank you all, how did i miss that button??


Sometimes one can miss a tesuji, because it is too obvious.


I think it’s almost impossible to see it in dark mode unless you already know where it is. It looks like this in dark mode.

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I can see it fine :man_shrugging: maybe turn up the brightness on your screen?

But why is it not blue like the others?

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