How can I see when a tournament will start?

I love the tournaments. One issue I have with them is that I can not see their start dates. Is there anyway to find out the start dates of the future tournaments?
For example, when does Kuksu Main Title Tournament 17th Cycle start?
Thank you very much in advance!


On old OGS there were starting dates for title tournaments. I hope starting dates will be returned. For non-title tournaments (‘mini tournaments’) you can see the starting date only if TD announces it.
Anyway, developers said Kuksu should start soon, in November.


Hey mozkaynak,

the Tournament system is currently in complete overhaul, and matburt is working day and night to get it done. :blush:

The new system will feature start times again, aswell as some other nifty features!

More info will be posted when we get close to release. :sunny:


Sounds good. Thank you very much!.

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