How come I won points when I lost?

I am a new player on ogs. I played my first game and lost, but I feel surprised because my points incresed 40 points. Actually it’s not so importent but I want to ask is it normal?


If you have time you can also look at my moves and tell me your oppinon on how I can make them better. Thank you.
This is my game: 友谊赛

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It’s not impossible, your opponent was very strong and so losing to them doesn’t really say much about your rank except that it’s somewhere below 2 Dan. So the algorithm I guess added a bit to your points. Try losing to weaker players and see what happens!!


Okay. Thank you for explaning that for me. I just felt so strange because I thought I couldn’t win points if I lost the game. Maybe even if I lost it was because the other players points were much higher than my points so I got some more points too, is that right?


You shouldn’t worry too much on your rating. The glicko system OGS use is very responsive and will give you quickly an appropriate rating, like in 5 or 6 games if you get various different kind of opponents.
Play your best, have fun and welcome on OGS!


Actually I think your rating did go down, but I believe it’s to do with this humble rank business (it’s special to provisional/new accounts) so that they can try to play people their level faster.

The default starting rating is supposed to be 1500±350 but the humble rank is supposed to show the lower of the two i.e. 1150 (±350), which to be fair is a bit confusing.

Now when you lost your game your new rating became 1475.53±326.21 (checking the rating history) and I would’ve expected the profile to show the lower value of 1149.32 but instead it shows 1190 (±326)

I’m not sure of the discrepancy of like 40 points. @GreenAsJade or @flovo @benjito is there something I’m missing?


I’m sorry I don’t understand. I can’t see any place for the rating history, but I only see 1190 points. Where does it say the 1475.53士326.21?

Go see your profile (hamburger menu option)

Its bad idea to challenge too strong players in the beginning if you are not dan or sdk. Your rank may stuck too high even if you lose.

Basically you go to

where you change X to be your profile number, and it will show you a table of your ratings changes.

For example when you click the profile button or your name on OGS the url should look like

and that’s the number X I mentioned.

After a few more games I believe the numbers should match up properly, that is when you don’t have a [?] beside your name.

I only made a user-defined game and someone found me. In China I am almost dan maybe it’s okay? I don’t know about ogs points. Should I play the weaker players?

then you you will be ok anyway

Sometimes, I think the only path is to simply accept that the OGS ratings system works in mysterious ways


Bring out the old topics.