How did I lose I don’t know how i lost in that game by disconnection.To be fair I would have lost the final as I have to go to bed anyways but how did I lose that game.Edit: I think I had just lost because I left the game as my opponent didn’t make a single move as OGS counts it as a disconnection if you go in and then out of that game.

I believe that if you leave a live game, a shorter disconnect countdown (which is just 60 seconds) begins, and that will cause you to lose by disconnection if you do not rejoin within that shorter time frame (even if you have much more time available on your clock). If your opponent is present, but refuses to play a move, unfortunately, the only options are to wait out the clock or to call a moderator for assistance.

In this case, it is possible that your opponent did not make a move under the assumption that you had abandoned the game. Maybe they were just delayed at the beginning, but did eventually show up to expect to play, only to find that you were already gone.


The opponent wasn’t online at that time (as it is 10PM locally)For everyone so it was a late night tournament and everyone went to bed.

You did not actually lose the game. All games below two moves are automatically annulled by the system. You can see this in the game information or on your profile. Your opponent created the game. Game creators are allowed not to play (as long as they don’t become a cancellation troll) because they have no opportunity to vet their opponent and may not want to play someone for a variety of reasons.