How do I avoid disconnect

I often play on OGS during train rides. Today, I move very quickly between trains only to find my game lost due to disconnect. I had informed my opponent. This is very annoying. You cannot always keep your laptop open when moving from one place to another if you have a lot of luggage. Is there a way to avoid disconnect?

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The disconnection timer doesn’t run while the game is paused, so you could tell your opponent in chat that you have to exchange trains and pause the game. It is up to your opponent whether they accept that or not.

Another thing you could do, if you’re carrying a smartphone, is to open the game on your smartphone and revisit the game every couple of minutes to reset the disconnection timer. (it would still be friendly to notify your opponent in this case)

But apart from that, I’m afraid there’s not really a solution.


As a fellow train enthusiast I like to choose Fischer time setting and set max time to 30 min. Then I save up time just for tunnels and changing trains. Or better: only play correspondence and/or bots. Or even better: just do tsumego.
Edit: didn’t occur to me that the 5 minute disconnect timeout happens regardless :open_mouth:

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… but - if you disconnect from the game for longer than 5 minutes, you get timed out for being disconnected.

This is what the OP is trying to avoid, your suggestion doesn’t help with that?