How do I cancel my "support"?

I need to speak to the administration, but cannot find a contact address. Thanks

To contact an administrator for support using forums is recommended. Speak your mind and if you are worthy he shall appear :).

Alternatively you can try contacting a moderator in chat (they are the purple ones) or if it is game related there is a button in the right pannel to call moderator.

What is it that you would need? :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood his question. It seems what he is saying is that he is a site supporter and can figure out how to cancel it.

You need to cancel it from the payment service. i.e. If you are using Paypal you need to cancel it from Paypal.


oh, silly me :blush:

Hey there. Just a fellow supporter here! I suppose you are cancelling before you lost faith in the service or something. Would it make sense to share the reasons before your departure here to make a learning opportunity of it? I believe this kind of feedback would be very valuable.

Is the “Cancel my support” button not working? If you go to the support page there’s an option there (I’ve not used it yet, so I honestly don’t know if it’s working properly or not).


I’m also wondering how to cancel my monthly support. I don’t see a “Cancel my support” button on the Support page. I supported through credit card, not PayPal. I feel lame telling my credit card I dispute the charge. I’m surprised I can’t find any other threads asking about this.

Hello @curt.carpenter1cfe2e, and please pardon the inconvenience.

Just to make sure - when you go to and scroll to the bottom of the page, there is no cancel button? You should see a window like this at the bottom of the page.


If it were not too much trouble, please try disabling some extension (like adblockers) and reaload the page, or try a different browser. If nothing helps, I will relay the trouble onto our developer and we will cancel from our end when he logs in (should be later today).

Sorry again for the trouble and thank you for all the support you were able to give :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. That is correct. I do not see that. I see:

I am logged into my account, and I see that my credit card (not PayPal) was last charged on May 25. (I tried to upload a picture of that too, but it will only let me upload one picture).

I have tried disabling ad blocker and also tried different browser (Chrome and Firefox). Same situation on both. Thanks.

For reference, this is what it should look like though scrolling down is typically required:


Thanks Kosh. Unfortunately I don’t see that. The part about “*Only 19x19, 9x9, and 13x13 games are supported for AI review” is at the very bottom when I scroll all the way down. Again, both browsers.

Hmmm, well that’s rather unpleasant, sorry about that. I have let our developer know (unfortunately in this case he’s the only one who can do something).

He should solve the issue later today if he logs in, or tomorrow at worst probably. Sorry again.

Hi @curt.carpenter1cfe2e, I think what’s going on is somehow you created a second account, who you are currently logged in under, so no supporter information is tied to that - the supporter account is .

All that is a moot point though, I’ve canceled your recurring charges and refunded your last payment, you should be all set now. Thanks for all the support you were able to give!