How do i challenge a particular player

assuming i know someone user name how do i challenge them?

  1. Top left click the OGS logo a menu opens
  2. There is a search bar type in the name
  3. click on the name and click challenge
  4. Choose your settings and then kick his ass :wink:

See the comedicaly ugly image for better understanding


Just to continue @Adam3141’s comment with an illustrative follow-up:


is there a way to view the previous games i played?

Hi @phillip.brix. We have help documentation that may answer some of your questions. :slight_smile:

Your previous games will appear towards the bottom of your Profile page. You can access your Profile from the OGS sidebar pictured in @Adam3141’s illustration above, and you can access it by clicking on your name in game or chat.

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Corollary to @mark5000’s comment: you can find games you‘ve played against a certain opponent by entering their nickname in the “Player name” text field on your profile page (or your nick on theirs):