How do i know what is going to be my color?

When i accept a game I find that I am a color that I dont care at that moment. Is there a way to find out what the opponent s offering?

In most challenges the colour will be automatic, meaning that the player with the lowest rank will play as black. If the assignment of colours is specified in a challenge it will be in the listing.


Usually in real life, the player holding W willl guess whether the amount of stones Black is holding in his hand is even or odd and if he gets it right, he gets B and if not, White. Since it’s online it’s all automated.

I have not seen any other server implement this guessing feature but it would be cool. Though unnecessary.

Is that really so? I had always assumed that it was random. I guess that’s why I’ve had better results with White.

It is really so.

When creating a challenge you can chose:

  • a specific color you want to be
  • automatic color which gives black to lower ranked player
  • or random, which choses the color at random (as random as possible in computer world)
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