How do I know when a new tournament is avaiiable?

hi, i am in the mejin, mingren, alan turin, and similar tournaments.

how do i know when a new tournament of this type is going to start?

i am used to the old ogs gui where it was either easy to see or we got notified to sign up.


Please, see this for some more info.

About getting notified, few hours before every Sitewide tournament, you can see a notification that it is starting soon, and to sign up. So, I am sure same thing will be done for Title tournaments. :smile:

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i hope so. i only have 7 games now instead of 15-25:(

I’m pretty sure that most of the sitewide tournaments do not have had a notification that they will start soon on a global scale, I don’t know if there’s an error involved or what.

That’s because that way of notifying is relatively new… Before last few live tournaments there always was a notification message.

I didn’t get one last week, and am pretty sure i didn’t get one the week before… the week before that i want to remember getting something thou

I am sure i always see it. I am not talking about standard notification, but about moving message on top of the page.

yes, that annoying moving message that pop up on all pages, and where the X button actually can dissapear outside the screen…
I am sure that i havn’t recieved them last two weeks, and I am sure i’ve been around during the time…
ofc there is a chance of missing it due to the “non-notification” way of that notification… i mean, u wont see it if you’re not activly going to the page during the time of notification

well, no point in arguing regarding this before the new tournament system is implemented, so that was not my intention, just pointing out that I havn’t seen any, and I’ve in general been interested in participating in them, so I have been around at least a couple of times during the day before them starting, and especially close to when they suppose to start…

Well, I am pretty sure I saw it almost every time. There also was one yesterday for Kuroneko’s review…

yea, i saw that one

i searched around, found a bunch of tournaments and joined them.

nothing happened for a while, but i now have 30 games and there is some info at the bottom of the my games page.

but i still don;t see any announcements of when the next big tournaments will start.