How do i raise my rating?

hi guys,
im just new on the site.
For practicing pupusses i have been playing 5x5 board (and been winning quite a few), but my statistics havent changed;

It has been saying this for a while:
Note: This account is currently marked as provisional until 4 more games have been played

And also my rating doesnt change.

What kind of games must i play so that my rating goes up and so that im no longer provisional (i dont know what that means, but i doesnt sound good)


F. :sunny:

Only 9x9, 13x13, and 19x19 boards are rated.

When i create a new game/open chalange, must i tick the box “ranked”?, and what does that mean?

You can play a free game, where that box is not checked, and it won’t affect your rating. To clear provisional games, you need to play 5 rated games though.

ok, thanks for explaining

Do you have to win those games aswell?
Or can you play those 5 games and lose all 5 of them?

Wins and losses are both fine. Your opponents must not be provisional though.

By the way, after you have played about 10-20 games on the smaller boards, I recommend that you switch to 19x19. It’s the real thing :smile:

And how do i make shure that my opponent is not provisional?

Currently we do not have a mechanism for restricting your open challenge to non provisional players, however if you are going to accept a challenge from someone you can visit their profile page and it will let you know if they are provisional.