How do I turn off the new game grid above my games?

95% of the time when I log in to OGS, I’d like to find my games as quickly as possible so I can play a move. Unfortunately, the UI is set up so I have to deal with the new games grid. On my computer that’s not such a big deal, but on mobile, that grid takes up more than one screen and I have to scroll down, which is quite glitchy. How do I disable that default view and change the default to be simply my games. I’m happy to click on the sidebar to get to new games when I have that need.

Hi @TedSarvata,

Under the user settings you can change the grid view to list view. The list will display all the game information, and the ones which fall in your turn will appear on top of the list. :smile:

Note: Please check the box “Game list instead of board thumbnails” :sunny:

I usually click on the white notification button in the upper right. That takes you through the games where it is your turn.

@TedSarvata you can’t right now, though we’re going to be revisiting how that page looks and operates in the next release, we’ll likely make that something you can turn off

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