How do you get stream to be promoted by OGS?

Hi Guys,
I produce teaching content on my youtube channel for Go and I noticed that some twitch streams that stream go go promoted by OGS. Is there some sort of way to get this? Is it always on twitch? I would like to stream on Youtube instead as I think twitch affiliates have to commit to solely streaming on twitch so I’m not sure if I could post the videos on youtube later

Contact the @moderators, they can get you set up! Doesn’t matter what platform you’re on.

Thanks, I try to do daily content but right now its just games and review videos at my channel. Looking for a teaching game in the 8k-12k range now with 10m+5x30 time settings as usual. I’m 1d for now.


Oh I guess the one thing that wasn’t clear- is your content streaming, or static? I guess I’ve never seen static content advertized by announcements. Probably a good question for mods on whether that’s allowed.

Right now its static, but I’d like to set up a stream on youtube. So i’d like to advertise the streams like everyone else.

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@benjito is right. To be more specific, you’ll need to send an active moderator three things by private message:

  1. a link to your stream
  2. what you want the banner to say
  3. how long you want the banner up
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Issue with Youtube is that the stream URL just changes everytime, I’ll have to work it out to be just the channel link or something.