How does correspondence game ranking work?

I’ve been playing only one ranked correspondence game, but I noticed that my correspondence ranking improved before the game is finished, it went from 24k to 23k before we even finished opening. So how’s the rank calculated?

Would I be in any kind of trouble/inconvenience if the gap between my current rank and correspondence game/blitz rank keeps enlarges. My current ranks is 17k and my blitz/correspondence rank are both 23k.

It’s calculated the same way as any other game. If you click on a point in the correspondence graph it will tell you what game caused you to arrive at that point, in your case it was this game

it would not have updated before the end of the game, once the game finished it would have been reflected in your graph.

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I’m curious how is the score of correspondence calculated. Is the base on the rank when the game started, end, or (pecentage time during the game that player is at certain rank)*rank?Since the game could last for weeks, the rank could change drastically(like from 22k to 16k). I’m worried that if someone start a lot of correspondence game when he’s very weak(eg. 22k) with players about his level and made a lot of mistakes at the opening, then improved his skill, but finally lose the game weeks later, then it would be very hard to improve correspondence rank.

We use an ELO system and we calculate at the end


There is no problem with having very different ranks in correspondence, live, and blitz. It makes sense that players would have different ranks in these categories because of the time control. For example, I usually play better in correspondence because I have more time to create a strategy.

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