How does promotion work?

Hi there - I’m currently 25 Kyu - not very good, but improving - my profile says I’m 958 +/- 83 overall not sure how this relates to my status at 25 Kyu - what are the thresholds to promotion - how far do I have to go before I get to 24 ??

Have a look at the graph on your profile page:

It appears that you are fast approaching the escape from 25k+

I think 25k is 1000, so you need about 1025 to get 24k.

(Note that 25k is the lowest awarded rank, so for some time you have been well below, now rushing up :slight_smile: )

OGS rank > rating formula: 850*exp(rank*0.032) where rank is a number from 0 (30 kyu) to 39 (9 dan+).

Conversion formulas (written in R)




 rank2rating(6) = 1029.92