How is money from site supporters used?

It was confusing to see the blue bar go down from 100% to 99.5% recently. I thought the amount of funds raised could only increase.

It would be nice to have some increased transparency on how funds are being used, perhaps in the form of an accounting detail page that can be accessed by clicking the fundraising bar. (Right now the only thing I get is a request to support the site.) The detail page could describe what kinds of servers the site uses and how much it costs to purchase? rent? and maintain? them. And a more detailed explanation of what the fundraising bars on the main page mean.

I think OGS is a worthy cause, and am considering supporting the site, but it would be nice to know exactly where my money is going before I commit to anything.


It’s not total money raised it’s pledged monthly support. As people cancel their subs the expected take goes down.


Personally, if OGS uses the donated money on new servers, to buy a new computer chair for Anorek, or to buy cigarettes for the homeless, it matters none to me.

I judge the value of the website TO ME, and donate accordingly.


I’m one of the supporters here, and I do hope anoek mindlessly splurges it all on coke, or pepsi for that matter.


Donations are used to purchase wood for @Revar_Isave

:open_mouth: for heating?
I remember the winter of (I think it was) 1996 when I had to chop down bookshelves (BOOKSHELVES, darnit!) for heating :anguished: