How is score counted in tournaments?

I don’t understand how is score counted in tournaments, for example:

groups 1 and 2.
In group 2 we have four people with the same number of points (11) but different number of wins (1, 2, 3 and 3).

Is there some documentation of those rules? I couldn’t find any.

This is the third round of the tournament. Score caries over from earlier rounds.

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Final points = Starting points + Wins in every round:

The starting points were decided by the average strength of the group at the beginning of the tournament (this is special for title tournaments. For other McMahon tournaments, the starting points were decided by the ranks at the beginning of the tournaments).


Ah, I tried summing points from every round, but I didn’t think about staring point, not even considering negative starting points.

Is this information about starting points available somewhere on the tournament page? Or did you create the table based on the current scores?

Do you know if this information about how title tournaments are scored is available somewhere? I don’t think I saw it either at the start of the tournament or on the tournament pages.

General idea of McMahon tournament pairing:
Old OGS Tiltle tournament format:
An example of what it looks like when the tournament begins with reduced McMahon tournament system (Designed by myself):


It’s all clear now. Thanks for the explanation how exactly it works on OGS.