How many games can I play?

I sew some users had played 4999 games and never see 5000+. Is 4999 the limit of OGS?

e.g. @AhoMei

Although, I believe I can’t play 3000 games all my life, that’s too many.

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The rating history is capped at 5000 games.


Many, many users have played 5,000 or more.


Some play over 1000 simultaneously

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They played 9x9 :sweat_smile: 19x19 is too crazy

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Maybe the accounts are public accounts. Many players behead the accounts.

Including annulled games (so the real number is less) I finished about 16400 19x19 games.


Why? 2 games/week for 30 years is very doable (unless you are 70+ years old).

  1. some periods I don’t play Go for a while, i.e. I play slg games or listen to musics or calc math formulas or … in my spare time.

  2. I play some rengo and correspondence, which can not end in one week usually.

Your game history says you’ve played 100 games in 1 month. If you do that 30 times in your life you’ll get to 3000.


In my opinion, limited to 9x9, a human can reach 5000 games in a month. 3000 maybe in 2 weeks.
5000 19x19 maybe in 2 months, if I’m not mistaken between rengo and normal games I had made 2k in the last WSC.
3000 19x19 in a month: I don’t feel like stating that but it’s probably doable. I did 137 in 12 hours.


I know u, Sofiam, u playing 600+ games now. So… Perhaps… ur account is a European Go club public account from my rough and raw intuition… Sorry for non-based statement… 600 is too big a number, I haven’t played 600 games since 2016 LeeSedol v.s. AlphaGo I played my first Go game…

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You are wrong. Only one person controls this account. Please do not make baseless accusations.


I have been accused of being a bot several times, but of being more than one person never :rofl:
And 600 is also a few considering the average in the last few years.

I’m not going to prove it but it can “easily” be done in one week

Ah and please note that I’m talking about live/blitz only, and also in my previous post. If you end a lot of correspondence games at the same time of course it’s easier.