How much vacation time does my opponent have?

I know there have been a few posts going around here about vacation time. I mean this question in all seriousness.

Is there a way to tell how much vacation time my opponent has left?

I have two games in particular: and where my opponent has been on vacation for quite some time (in the first game, probably at least 3 weeks or so). When I bring up the profile of my opponent for these games I see “6 days” at the top of the profile. This text appears unchanged no matter when I check it.

What prompted me to ask the question is that the “6 days” line in their profile would suggest to be the amount of vacation time they have left, but this doesn’t seem to be decreasing. If so, this would be a bug. But if this line means something else, then it’s simply confusing.

I have exactly the same problem with this game

Yeah, this definitely looks like something got stuck. Thoughts, @anoek?

Okay. If I had checked github’s bug tracker for OGS first I would have seen this:

Definitely a bug. Apparently a priority.

Thanks everyone!