How quickly do you play a 10+5x30?

I’ve noticed that I always have a lot less time than my opponent in a 10m + 5 x 30s game. And I don’t feel like I’m playing at a snail’s pace.

So, when do you usually enter byo-yomi in a 10+5x30?

  • first 50 moves
  • move 51-100
  • move 101-150
  • move 151-200
  • move 201-250
  • after move 250
  • never
  • I don’t play 10+5x30

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First 50 usually because I usually start fights before then. And I generally try to get to SD by or during the endgame. Sometimes the latter backfires if there’s some nasty aji in a corner and I die.

I think I get into byo-yomi some time in the early 100s.

But my opponent usually has at least five minutes left on their clock. I don’t really understand why people take 10+5x30s to show off how good at blitz they are.

I can’t actually remember the last time I wasn’t the first into overtime.