How to advertise on OGS


Is it possible to advertise on OGS ?

I’m working on a website which does AI powered reviews. (
And I would love to advertise those services on OGS.

Thank you in advance.

ZBaduk is and will always be entirely free.

If you want to support us, you can upgrade to a premium membership which gives you more detailed analysis, stronger AIs and increased game storage.

Entirely free? Really? I want a free premium membership then, please.

The correct person to ask is @anoek.

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TOS 10 is talking about something rather different.

It’s talking about OGS’s right to advertise on content that you put up here - for example reviews, puzzles even your games…

The OP is asking about advertising a potentially competing service here.

In the past (for examples CGS) anoek has indicated that it is OK to have one thread announcing the service.

Repeated advertising is definitely not allowed (tsumego spam anyone? :wink: )


I will talk about this with @anoek. Thank you for referring me.

@Groin, ZBaduk offers a free set of basic features. Just like OGS, ZBaduk has a commercial version which only exists to cover a part of the server costs (6k$/year). I think any sane person would abandon this project, but it’s motivating words like yours that keep me going. Thank you, really.

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Yep I got that. I just didn’t get why you write “entirely” using some not that subtle trick of advertising. OGS unlike you doesn’t pretend to be entirely free even if it offers much more on the free side.

Do you happen to use the website in a specific language other than English ?

No. Why that question?

Well, if there’s an “…entirely free…” text on ZBaduk’s website I’ll take that off straightaway. (The reason why I asked about the language → possible translation errors)

I copied/paste from the website. Nice you take care of my remark.