How to answer several posts at once?

I got a helpful information message “Consider replying to several posts at once” while posting. But it only says to select text and then click Quote. That’s what I do. But each time I do it I make a separate post. There is no obvious way to combine multiple quotes and responses in a single post. Could this information message please be expanded to explain how to do this, please?

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Yeah discourse advice is pretty terrible.

If you’re already composing a message and select more text and click quote again, it adds it to the open message instead of creating a new one.


The first quote click will also create a new reply, and then subsequent quote clicks will paste the quote into the reply at the cursor spot I believe (though I also added in screenshots).


If you want to edit a post with a quote (a post already published) then you click on quote after selecting it, this will open a new post, you scroll down to the edit window, select all, cut, delete that new post. Then open your post you want to edit, and paste.
If you quote while creating your post, it’s easier but you have to be careful where is your insertion

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Thank you! Makes sense. I just have to resist submitting the post.


Good advice, but you can just as well …

  • click “edit” on that older comment,
  • place the cursor at the end and hit Return (just so that you can better distinguish the edit),
  • select your the text that you want to quote, click “Quote”,

and there it is, at the end of your older post :slight_smile:

You just need to make sure where your cursor is positioned in your comment before quoting, otherwise it may get messy.

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