How to count scores?

The “estimate score” function seems useless compared to the one used when both players press pass.

It’s annoying when 300 moves have been played and both players can press pass, but then there is a time out. Counting prisoners takes so long. Is there other Go websites/programs that do this quicker?

I am not quite sure what you want, can you maybe elaborate?

The estimate score function is nothing more than estimate, it is hard to predict what the result is going to be before clear borders are created. (There are still invasions to be made, possible mistakes, etc., computer cannot predict that). Also this function uses chinese scoring, no matter what ruleset the game is played in.
Also I would advise you against letting “estimate score” influence your game, you should count for yourself…

This I do not understand, when both players pass the time stops. And the limit provided is just to check whether the scoring didn’t mistakenly count some dead stones as alive or vice versa. When both players pass the game should be over in almost all instances and it is too late to count for you cannot change anything anymore. The resume game option is only for special cases when there is a dispute about a status of some group (dead vs alive).

Again, what do you mean precisely? counting what prisoners and why? If you hover mouse over the points in the upper right (under your name) it will display the number of prisoners and the scoring counts it for you, what do you need to count?

Yes, I am sure there are some programs that estimate score better than OGS. Also, our glorious developer promises that in the future release (which should be soon) the estimate score function should be improved. But again, I would caution against using this function anyway.

Sorry. I am talking about end game, when no more invasions can be made, all the borders are defined, I press pass, but the opposing player, instead of pressing pass, just lets the timer run out. I find this very annoying because now, I have to count both players failed invasion stones, and territory.

When a game is 300-400 moves the 'timed out" function should really change in some way. It is really so annoying.

Oh. when both players press pass after all the borders have been defined, and all the invasions have failed. The computer scoring system, always, at least for me, works. It would be great if that scoring system was available on the right sidebar, maybe replace the “estimate score” function with that scoring system.

Ah, ok, I get it now. Yeah that sounds annoying. Maybe consider playing a little different time settings. I see you are playing quite strict 30s per move with no overtime. It is easy to lose connection for a few seconds or just lose track of clock.

It is just that the problem you describe rarely happens to me, so maybe it is really just an accident more often than not and both players would perhaps like to finish the game. Some byo-yomi could solve this, without really making the game longer for you. The score estimator should be improved in the nearest release, so maybe that will help as well :slight_smile:

yeah, there is a well understood need to have a better estimator. at one point before i got caught up with work i was going to take a look at it :confused: i dont think its a good crutch, but if its going to exist it shouldn’t be so terribly broken.

i would encourage you though to consider counting by hand. i know it sounds painful, but it really does help your game. that said i dont feel confident enough when the difference is less than 2-3 points that i know the real score.

the trick i use is to count by twos. for japanese style scoring that means that two empty intersections are 1 count, and a prisoner still on the board is 1 count. with a little practice you can score a game in around 10 seconds.

if you can get in the habit of doing this during the game it gives you a nice situational survey and also gives you a good read on the largest yose moves.

It takes awhile, but you can make an accurate score by using pausing the game and using Analyze. Simply play to the end of game on both sides, making simple locally correct moves. Come to think of it, it’s not fair to make your opponent wait while you do this. I’ve seen go playing games that were very good at estimating the score, starting in the middle game, but, no, not OGS. It really takes computing power to make good estimates.

thing is, the estimator used when both players press pass after no moves are left is great, so the function is already there. It’s just not available when people time out or resign.