How to create a teaching board?

So, I’m in a voice chat and wanted to explain the basics of go. With a real board I’d just start placing stones to demonstrate things. For online, that natural thing would be to create a review from an empty board. I could create a game and resign at move 1 … but is some way in ogs to get to this state more directly?


“Burger” menu on top left corner -> Demo board


Hey there, I’ve tried that too, but it looks like only the person “in control” of a demo board (or a game revision, for that matter) can place stones at time “for every one to see”. If observers place stuff on their end, they’re only creating a local revision.

What I’d like, obviously, is a way for my friends to answer questions by placing stones themself.

Have I please just missed something? ^^’

You can hand over control to other people (click their name, there’s a button “give control” in the pop-up menu). Another way is that observers can post variations in the chat, and the person in control can click on the variation to load it in the demo board for everybody to see.

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Yeah, those are the two alternatives I found about. They’re just a bit cumbersome, I find :thinking:

I don’t think having multiple people in control is an option either, if only because of issues with syncing.

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