How to create Tsumego

I just bought EasyGoPro, on iOS.
How to create Tsumego on SGF file and import into EasyGo Pro?

A bit hard to find that easygo product on google. Any link?

Probably because

Maybe there is a manual or a support group for EasyGo Pro somewhere,
not to be confused with videoprogram Easy Pro though :smile:

I did bought it, sorry for my bad english.

I mean, how to create a tsumego on PC? by software like GoWrite, Drago, etc

Well with any sgf editor like the ones you mentioned, it’s easy to create a tsumego, basically a tree of moves in a sgf.
Download and instal drago for example (i like this one) open it and create a new sgf. It’s quite intuitive then to edit your tsumego.
Note that you can create here on ogs a sgf file too.

The problem (if any) is to make this sgf compatible with your ios software. (Sgf is not always totally clear between sofwares)

I’m a bit surprised you can’t do it directly in your software, but i don’t have it.

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Probably it’d simply require creation of an sgf file with the solution and incorrect branches.

(Place the initial starting position of black and white stones with an ‘add black/white stones’ option, then create the ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ move branches by playing the moves with an ‘add moves’ option.)

(Then, after that, typically one must mark the branches ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’, based on your particular tsumego software’s formatting requirements.)

If you aren’t certain of the tsumego software’s formatting requirements, it may help to look at the sgf files for existing tsumego created for your software.

Often the correct and incorrect branches are somehow indicated ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ at the end of the branch, in the comments for the last move–then you can copy that format when creating your own tsumego.

I think CGoban remains the best tool to create and edit SGF files.

And for making diagrams (images of go positions) GoWrite was by far the best I’ve tried, but it doesn’t support a lot of operating systems.