How to end an in person game?

On OGS, we use passes. I am curious in a formal in person game, how do you indicate you want to end the game?

In most rulesets, you’d say pass. In AGA rules, you would give a stone to your opponent, which signals a pass.


So when you pass, I disagree, is it my turn to play? :smile:


The fact that you gained one point is a feature which makes territory and area counting equivalent to each other: If I place a stone in your territory, and insist that you capture it to prove that it’s dead, I may be able to pass 3 times while you capture it (and reduce your territory in the process), but I won’t get any advantage from that since I’d give you a stone every time I pass.


Note that this is true in real life and OGS - they are the same in that respect (in case it wasn’t clear).

The more intersting question is: how to resign in RL games xD

It’s honesty quite fun to confuse your opponents by different kind of illegal moves, sometimes their reactions are truly hilarious :3

Huh, I’ve never seen that one - I’ve only seen people say “I resign” or dump several stones at once on the board.

What do you do ? do you put one stone in a weird place (not on an intersection), or does it get weirder than that ?

I think the usual way to resign in RL is to either play a stone of your opponents color or to play two stones of your own color.

A lot of pro simply seem to nod towards their opponent. But I guess this mean you and your opponent must be good at counting, so that both know who has won. Maybe not the best way between kyu players.

I must say I am kind of baffled this is even a question…

THIS is how you resign irl:



IRL you don’t “have to” play something illegal to resign, you can just say “I resign”.


to resign I always pickup a stone, look at the board for a bit, and drop the stone back in the bowl and shake my head.

to start counting, when I drop the stone back in the bowl I shift forward as a prelude the rearranging the stones. look at the body language of your opponent - if they move forward to start counting you’re done, but if they pick up a stone or are clearly examining the board to make sure its all cooked, give them a chance to play if they choose.

it seems ambiguous, but I dont think I’ve ever had a disagreement.

in a tournament, just hit your clock without playing to pass, and stop the clock completely to resign.


Something is missing here. Dropping a stone into your bowl has no meaning. Why would an opponent play a second move in a row unless you passed? If your plan is to resign, why not simply say, “I resign?”