How To Flag Posts/Comments

And it happened before …Thanks for pointing that out, it is what I thought! - An error in seeing how to flag a particular entry by a particular user vs. the flag at bottom which applies to the topic. Please provide correct procedure…or link to it. Thx.

Tooltips are your friend. Cursory investigation yields that the flag at the bottom “privately flag[s] this topic for attention…” (emphasis added) whereas the flag under the ellipsis menu on each individual post “privately flag[s] this post for attention…” (again, emphasis added).


Yeah, I see clearly now where the confusion was. There’s a difference between flagging a topic (located at the bottom of all posts) and flagging an individual post (located at the bottom of that particular post by clicking “…” and then flag).

See the Discourse FAQ for elaboration.


(I’ve moved this to a thread of its own.)

(the “Take Action” button is only for mods)


Why are these buttons active if it is supposedly an example? Use some one ese as experimental subject.

If it’s only now suddenly clear, previous wisecracks, hurtful comments elsewhere should be deleted.

If the tooltip is a friend, suggest adding dictionary support.

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