How to get back from a losing slump?

Hello, everyone.

I’m been on a losing streak quite a while. Does anyone know how to get back up from this losing streak? I did a bit of fuseki, joseki, and reviews from SDK’s.

What else would help?

Its easy. If you lost to 12k for example, play against 13k next time. Again? Play against 14k. Won? Play against 13k. And so on. You always will have 50% winrate.


50k is right - that’s the quick answer.

It also might be worth sharing with us who you are on OGS, so we can see what has actually been going on :slight_smile:

There have been a burst of this kind of question just recently, and two kinds of answers I’ve seen. One is that the person is always playing higher ranks than them. The other is that the person resigns too quickly. Either way 50k’s answer will work, but we could offer more insight if you shared more info :wink:

I’m actually an 11 kyu in OGS.

So far, my games… it’s a mix of playing against higher players and making some silly mistakes. For example, I should have made the black group dead, but I slipped up.

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