How to get the current user with access token?

Hi, I am able to get the access token for OGS API right now, but I am struggling to get the current user with that token. With my previous experience with OAuth2/OIDC and JWT, after getting the token I usually decode it in frontend to extract the basic info about the user (e.g. id), I will then use that id to make more requests with the API.

However, it seems like the token I have received from OGS is not a JWT but an opaque token, which cannot be decoded. If I only need to get the data of the current user, how can I do that? I am not able to GET the data of that user specifically without knowing its id.

No idea what exactly you’re doing but maybe

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Awesome I think this endpoint will do. Thanks!

Btw do you know where can I find the source of the backend, as the documentation is outdated and I think I will be better off reading the source directly.

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