How to live in this corner?

How does black stay alive?

(Here’s the full game if you want to see it, )

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i cannot find a way to live for b

move 107 B D5, W B7, I think W will just ignore your effort in that corner and play much better moves like R3 OR N9

I may not be a professional, but if I were you, I would play B4 on move 129 (According to picture)

This sausage at F4 is problematic and this fake eye at C4 is not helping.
Black B4, white D5… then what?

I guess white H6 took away the last chance for this corner to survive.

Hmm yes. I didn’t fully analyse the game. Perhaps the result could have been different if the necessary moves were played earlier

I added few ideas to this game. Calling it review will be overkill. :slight_smile:
I am 16k too so my understanding of this stuff is close to zero.

I think it can live if you win a ko but thats about it. You can’t outright win

as far as I can see it is dead as it stands

I added a variation to the game. Could someone tell me how to kill it?

I like your persistance in studying :slight_smile: . I checked only quickly on my phone and it seems A4 is the simplest answer. You have to defend above or below or right (otherwise your stones will be cut off) either way w A7 then seems to take off your eye space…
It is quite possible I am wrong though :smiley:

Thanks for the replies, I was going for the (false) “seki” with A3.