How to play this game?

At the moment I’m 3k here and I’ve just realized that I have no idea how to play this game: all I know is how to capture/save groups (to the extent of my reading ability), but when there are no important capturing races, I’m puzzled.

So when do you guys decide when to approach a corner and which corner and from which side, when to play in the middle of a side and where exactly, when to cap, when to invade and so on?


This is an excellent question! :smile:

I had to take a quick look through your games to see if it was genuine. To be honest, I cringed.

I would expect your kind of style from a player who has learned only by playing and solving life&death puzzles. Your raw power of reading has brought you this far, which is no small feat by itself.

Unfortunately, I have bad news for you: the habits that you have acquired in learning Go the way you did will be very hard to break. If you want to get stronger, you must learn about key concepts like thickness and potential, direction of play and tewari. Everything that you know now needs to be thrown out the window until some later time, when you can apply your reading to a solid base of theoretical knowledge.

There is lots of Go literature that you can read to learn about this stuff, for example Attack and Defense and The Direction of Play. It will also help if you can get real-life humans for opponents and some stronger player as a teacher.

If you can afford to spend money on books and teachers, you will find resources easily. If you don’t, good luck - start here and read everything. Again, it will be much more difficult to learn by yourself.


I am weaker than you and for me it was fun to look at your games. It looks like you plop some random stones in your opponent’s moyo and then miraculously they come to life.


Do you ever play on other servers? I feel like KGS players tend to have a style which is very different from yours, and you might learn something from playing there.

why can my opponent place a stone in the middle of mine and capture a bunch of stones? when I try it, it is an illegal move


he can place his stone when it’s surrounded by my stones and take a bunch of stones, but when I do it it’s illegal, it doesn’t make sense

The Interactive Way To Go

Since you are using the word illegal, are you talking about the message “Illegal Ko Move”? Ko is explained on this page:


He’s probably talking about snapback with one eye.