How to punish this 3-3 Opening Overplay?

Im referring to move 12 and 20, where my opponent makes an ogeima (large knights move) from his 2 stones. Usually it’s just a 1 space jump or keima (small knights move) and I can’t figure out a way to punish or at least get an equal result.

Thank you to all in advance!

I don’t think it’s an overplay. The usual move would be a one-space jump (a small knight feels a bit timid if you ask me). Having said that, I think you handled it pretty well. I’m more concerned with you not attacking white’s weak group with L11 for move 9 or 11 or 13.


Ah I see Mark. Thanks for the attacking advice. Was kinda deciding between the side or blocking from outside.

Still kinda strange that it isn’t an overplay if it’s literally in 0 joseki books though?

Yeah, I’ve no idea about it, and I’ve never had it played against me either. Maybe someone else can help you out. Locally, I would have descended (which is sente) and jumped up similar to what you did. I’ll go ahead and add those variations to the game for good measure.

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The variations sure were helpful :smiley: . Yeah the descent was all I could come up with. Still kinda tough. The game was mine to lose and I was pressured to build something whereas W already had a lot in the bag and the centre was still relatively open :confused:

I think the reason this is not in any joseki book is that on a 19 x 19 board this would end up being a bad result for white, but on 13 x 13, the middle is worth less, so the influence that black builds up is harder to capitalise on, and the territory white gets is ok.

Just as on a 9 x 9 playing tengen opening is a good move but 19 x 19 tengen opening is less so.