How to reload page without resigning and prevent all those emails


Sometime, while I’m playing a game, I’ll play and my move will be shown on the board but my timer will continue going down. When it happens, I just open a new tab and continue playing from there (after playing my move a second time). But this is kind of annoying because I can’t close the old tab and therefore get the sound twice (or 3 times in some games). The reason why I can’t close the tabs is that whenever I try to, it asks me if I’m sure I want to leave and resign. I do think that the prompt should tell you that the game is still going on and that you are therefore expected to say but I don’t think forcing you to resign when you close the tab is a good idea (note: I never actually closed the tab because I never wanted to resign but the message sounded like that’s what it was going to do).

On a completely unrelated topic, I get many, many, many emails from OGS because I play games and activated all notifications. I do want the notifications but only on the website and as desktop notifications, not in my emails. Is there some way to do that?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi xavierm02,

if you have the game open in 2 tabs, you can close 1 tab without resignation, even if the website asks you. (Just click “ok”) :smiley:

You can disable the Email notifications in your profile. The desktop notifications are on a browser basis and are not toggled in your settings. (So just disable the emails, you will still get desktop notification).

Hope this helps! :sunny: