How to review a game with opponent (real-time)?

Hi all:

I just end a game with a opponent and he ask me if I could review the game with him. But I cant find the function, he cant see what I`m doing. Do anyone know how to do a review with other people real-time? Thanks a lot…:slight_smile:

Did you try the right menu item “Review this game” (or whatever it is in your language settings)?

Sure. Ive tried it. But my opponent said he cant see my action…By the way, the review function was trigger by him, is that the reason he can`t see my action?

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yes; that would be it. As of yet OGS does not have a way for both players to be reviewers. Similar suggestions have cropped up on uservoice, though.

The reviewer can give the controls to other person who is attending the review, but that option is only visible to reviewer by clicking username. If you are not the reviewer and want to show your variations, put the variation in the board and click “share”

but yea, “there can be only one” goes both immortals and reviewers, only one user at the time can show others his/hers moves in real time.