How to run gnu go on OGS

I am having a teaching class for children, most of them are just starting to learn how to play. I teach the basic skills like liberty, connection, capturing, counting liberty… When they get bored with these practices, they play each other. In addition, I would like them to play against AI programs. I looked over OGS where there are a couple of AIs for ddk. However, those programs are not available timely and consistently. So I would like to know whether OGS as an excellent go client can host gnu go and other AI programs so that I can let my students play against them. Can anybody tell me how to set gnu go on OGS?

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Hello @deungsan, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Allow me a bit of a lengthy answer to cover all the bases.

Most bots on OGS are run by our users, who volunteer their hardware to help out others. Thus some of the bots are unstable, or unusable at times. However,

  • Abymots beginner and DDK are third party bots, but I had the feeling they were pretty consistant (at least I don’t recall getting reports about them being down too often, though I can be of course mistaken)

However, if you are worried that your chosen bot will not be avilable for your students, it cannot hurt to try to contact the administrator of the bot (you can always find out who that is in the bot’s profile). As those people are already generously volunteering their time and hardware, I think they might be happy to help out and make sure the bot’s online when you need it.

If you want to set up and run your own bot, one of our users and developer of the GTP to OGS wrote a pretty thorough tutorial here:

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I know my bots can be a bit unreliable, running on a laptop, and this can be frustrating for some young 학원 students..
I think the solution depends a lot on what the students use (phone, computer?) and how comfortable you are with programming tools and command lines.

Fuego has been discontinued, though.


Ah curses, you are right, sorry about that. :confused: I have edited the post.